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Angela Ong

Your Real Estate Advocate

License Number: 2017033294

I am passionate about helping my Clients with their real estate needs and have been giving them my all for the past 18+ years. I am also a Homes for Heroes Agent. To see how you might qualify please visit http://www.ateamheroes.com Real Estate Agent/Broker - I spent a decade as a real estate broker. I learned the "ins and outs" of residential real estate from the perspective of a business owner. So when I look at the current market and consider how your home fits into the seasonal economics, I have a strong understanding of how to best time and market your home for your greatest benefit. Direct Commercial Asset Management - Commercial real estate is a beast in and of itself. Having worked with commercial real estate, I've seen how market forces and high-level marketing can affect the profitability of a single piece of property. The strategies I developed in commercial real estate provide me with leverage and insight to make your home as attractive and inviting as possible to potential buyers. Entrepreneur - I've been a business owner and entrepreneur my whole life. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I am passionate about "making it happen, no matter what." That's the mindset that sees to it we get your home sold fast and for the highest dollar possible. Property Valuation Specialist - With over 35,000 price opinions performed for the top financial institutions in the country, I have a knack for determining the price at which a home will sell. I was sought out by banks and asset managers specifically for this skill. Correctly pricing a home is as much an art as it is a science. Over the years I've learned how to blend both market data and a buyer's mindset when looking at a home. This means your home will attract more buyers, get more attention, and sell in less time at the best possible price. Military Family - I'm part of a strong military family. We understand what it means to "drive on" and embrace challenges. I am undeterred, persistent, stubborn, and determined to do the very best I can for my clients. Negotiator - Originally trained in the "PeaceMaker" system of negotiation, I've honed the skills to be strategic and equitable in real estate negotiations. My clients know that I strive to negotiate the best terms and close every deal with every party in a positive and grateful mindset. I look forward to putting these skill sets to work for you whether Selling, Buying or Both!